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All color groups are glaze combinations of our own design and the result of sometimes hundreds of glaze tests over many months and years. Most are comprised of multiple glazes meticulously layered to achieve our own individual color combinations unique to our studio. We have developed glazes that when melted in the kiln exhibit a lot of flowing movement, yielding combinations that make each piece an individual where no two pieces are identical. All glazes are food safe and contain no dangerous materials such as lead or barium; we eat and drink from our own work and have for over forty years.


Blue and gold ash glaze

wood ash-affect glaze breaks into rivulets of blue and gold over light blue and tan; stampings or embossing in clay, along with the flowing nature of the glaze, allows it to run and pool, which accentuates the character of stampings; on flat surface it has a pebbly or reticulated texture; semi-gloss

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Glossy green celadon

green celadon glaze with watercolor-like washes in varying shades of green; used in combination with a gold wash that often yields sparkling microcrystals of rust, gold, and blue; iron fringe flowing into glaze; often decorated with embossed stampings; high gloss finish

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Mountain Glade

Glossy blue/green celadon

blue-green celadon features watercolor-like flowing tones with loops and swirls of multiple trailed glazes in white, red, rust, gold, and blue-black; common characteristic is beautiful crackle pattern that refracts the light; often shows iron oxide fringe; high gloss

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Green and gold ash glaze

wood ash-affect glaze that is primarily green in color; stampings and embossing used to decorate surface with flowing glaze emphasizing the textures; pebbly texture; semi-gloss

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Speckled blue glaze

a combination of subtle flowing tones that vary in range from pale blue to dark denim blue; decorated in a floral design with tones of rust, gold, and tan; semi-gloss

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Glossy copper red glaze

beautiful, bright-red glaze highlighted with a gold wash that yields the development of sparkling microcrystals; the gold is often accompanied by subtle blue to purple tones; banded with iron that flows deeply into the glaze, creating a brown/black fringe; glossy

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Cherry Burl

Flowing red and blue glaze

dramatic, dark red to black background glaze with up to four layers of glazes on top creating a kaleidoscope of gold, blues, and browns; often yielding areas similar to a knotty piece of burl wood; glossy finish

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Flowing purple glaze

a purple background with multiple layers of glazes over top that flow together to yield swirling fields of colors from blue to purple with little pinpoints of white created by the development of microcrystals; reminds one of star fields in the night sky; glossy

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My wife Anita and I are pleased to present our book “Centered, inspiration from the hands of the potter”. This is our own message of hope and inspiration, the result of 25 years of pondering at the potter’s wheel.

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The Different Drummer Pottery is a working studio and gallery in operation since 1980. The studio is located in an old log cabin in the middle of Maggie Valley, NC. The work area is always open for our guests to come in and watch. Come by and see what we are working on!

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Crock Drums

We are musicians in addition to making pottery. We have taken great joy in working out a design that combines these two passions. Crock Drums are percussion instruments with a ceramic body and a wood playing surface that make for a compact, easy to transport hand drum with rich soulful tone.

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