Crock Drums

Ceramic Percussion Instruments

Terance and Caden are musicians in addition to making pottery. Years of dreaming and brainstorming came to life in 2019 when Caden joined Terance in the studio where they combined two passions into a fun and portable instrument that is easy to play and has a warm, soulful tone. After a lot of experimentation, we have combined elements of the cajon, the udu and finger drumming styles to create a full voiced and portable instrument with a pleasing tactile experience. Our drums are articulate and very responsive to the touch. They are capable of a wide range of tones and are ideal for miking.

Check out our videos to see some of the ways we use the drums. Furthermore, if you would like a hands-on experience with our drums and you are nearby or traveling through western North Carolina, come by the studio and jam with us! Guaranteed to make you smile. The bodies of Crock Drums are made of stoneware thrown on the wheal and fired with an ash glaze. The playing surfaces are wood decorated with Terance’s pin and ink landscape drawings burned into the tops.

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Watch A Demo

  • Deep Crock Drum with carved trees

  • Tutorial 3 - Crock Drum Positional Voicing

  • Beginner Crock Drum Tutorial 1